[Ask The Readers] How Much Do You Actually Use Your Android Tablet, Surface Or iPad?


This time around, we are discussing one of the hottest consumer gadgets in the market today: tablets. More specifically, how and how much you use it in everyday life.
As a type of computing device, the tablet personal computer has existed for more than two decades now, but the credit for coming up with the modern tablet undoubtedly goes to Apple. Before the iPad in 2010, we had abominations like Microsoft Tablet PCs that were heavy, difficult to use, had terrible battery life, and sorry software support.


Initially, Apple got a lot of flak from technology enthusiasts for launching what they thought was nothing more than an oversized iPod touch. Yet, as we all soon found out, this was exactly what a modern-day tablet needed to be: lightweight, easy to use, with a day-long battery life, and infinitely extensible with hundreds of thousands of made-for-tablet apps.

Anyhow, as a result of Apple’s success in the tablet market, everyone else in the personal computer business decided to jump onto the bandwagon: big technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Palm have all launched modernized tablets with custom tablet-only operating systems within the last two years.

Today, tablet PCs are the most fastest growing segment of the PC industry. What are they being used for?

I don’t have a tablet to call my own, but there are plenty of tablets owned by extended family. My mother and grandmothers – who are not the most computer-friendly people you’ll ever meet – use it for checking Facebook, browsing for new recipes, and staying in touch with friends and family over Viber. My uncle uses it for book-reading from time to time, but it is mostly used by his daughter for playing games.

What about the power users? People like you. People who, likely, already have a powerful laptop/desktop for content creation – writing, programming, designing, etc. – and a smartphone for on-the-go content consumption along with very basic content creation. Where does the tablet fit in? Is there space for a third computing device when we already have trouble juggling two?

That’s our question to you. Sound off in the comments section below. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!


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