Success in the digital age means achieving consumer relevance at scale. How do Codestel do this?

Here at Codestel, we delivers the right experiences to the right consumers at the right times. Codestel helps organizations of all sizes solve business problems by empowering new forms of software solutions, data centers deployment, Cloud services, simple outsourcing, VoIP/Video communications and collaboration. Our comprehensive suite of easily managed, independent and hosted solutions including smart applications development services are redefining the ways people work around the globe – from how businesses connect to employees and customers, to how they conduct business meetings, collaborate, manage relationships, share knowledge and engage audiences.

Codestel’s reliable world-class technologies with deep experience and flexibility provide solutions that are scalable for every client's specific needs. Our products and services can transform every aspect of business by enabling personalized engagement, business meetings anywhere, enhanced productivity and immersive communication experiences.

Codestel’s comprehensive portfolio of software development, cloud, outsourcing and communication services include:



CODESTEL develops industry-focused software-based solutions to help organizations meet their business goals. Our unmatched combination of software and industry, process, and technology expertise helps reduce implementation time and risk.

  • Application Modernization and Optimization Services:

CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less. We help define and implement innovative solutions that extend the life of legacy applications, turn around non-performing systems and migrate programs with old languages or obsolete platforms to fresh, sustainable solutions.

  • Our Software portfolio includes:
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
    • Customer Relationship Management Solutions
    • Custom Development, Desktop Applications, Graphics & Animation
  • • Mobile & Tablet Applications Development

• Web Applications, Website Designing, Web Portals
• Banking Software
• Consumer Goods and Services Software
• Freight and Logistics Software
• Health and Public Services Software
• Human Capital Management Software
• Industrial Equipment Software



The complexities and challenges facing businesses continue to mount. Globalisation. Cost control. Pressure to accelerate time-to-market with new products and services. Like many businesses, you’re considering cloud computing as a means to address these challenges. However, a move to the cloud presents a number of challenges: security, compliance, integration, global coverage and internal readiness, to name a few. Short-term, piecemeal investments in cloud infrastructure can be complex and costly. And they’ll slow the momentum of your journey to the cloud.

Our Managed Hosting Service goes beyond infrastructure hosting and provides full management and delivery of your application. We take on application deployment, application change management, database management and and performance management. We provide and maintain all the infrastructure and application assets you need to bring your web-based applications to market, including the data centre, Internet connectivity, private network, servers, storage, firewalls, load balancers, and back-up infrastructure, software and your application.

If you’re moving to the public cloud, you need to keep operational risk in check and make sure that you’re meeting all requirements for security, control and ease of integration. Through our suite of Managed Services for the cloud, Codestel provides a steady hand to guide you through every step of your journey.

A Private Compute-as-a-Service provides a pre-determined set of server and storage resources as a dedicated service deployed in your data centre. The service includes the physical infrastructure, virtualisation and operating system software, implementation, cloud management (automated provisioning, orchestration and billing) and ongoing management by Codestel.

Codestel will assist you at each step in your journey towards a cloud architecture − public, private or a combination of both.



Businesses today must focus internal resources on improving their competitiveness while streamlining business processes. CODESTEL enables this focus through various suites of services. We allow businesses to concentrate on their core competencies by providing support where they need it most.

  • Suite of Services:

CODESTELs comprehensive suites of services address each business unique information challenge by proving innovative solutions. They include: Network Integration, Enterprise Networking Solutions, LAN/WAN Wi-Fi Wireless Communications, (SCS) Structured Cabling Solutions and Customized Managed Services "Advantage Support". CODESTEL focus is to provide quality products from quality manufacture providing our Dealers the best opportunity to succeed in the IP/Telephony arena. CODESTEL Labs critiques all products prior to distribution to the Dealer network assuring quality and interoperability with other product offerings. Our IP/Gateway products by Mediatrix, VegaStream and OKI offer IP connectivity (analog or digital) for those point-to-point applications or the large CLEC/ISP. For the customer that wants all the functionality of a PBX, you may consider an IP/PBX by Epygi, a robust product with a competitive price.

The Dealers who prefer the LINUX OS, we have Digium boards for the award winning Asterisk application and development boards by Intel (Dialogic) and Brooktrout with on board resources for those who want to develop ground up solutions. We also offer a Conference Bridge called LinX and a legacy voicemail by Telekol that are LINUX based. CODESTEL also offers a wide range of Telephone sets for your IP solution, whether your requirements are SIP, MGCP or Analog, sets from SAYSON, SNOM or ipDialog will provide you the quality and reliability you require. We also provide turnkey servers custom made for your application.

Product Portfolio:
• IP Video Phone & Multimedia Phone Solutions
• IP Video Surveillance Solutions: Cameras, Encoders, and Proprietary Video Management Software
• Enterprise and Residential SIP Phones
• Enterprise Analog Gateways
• Analog Telephone Adaptors/ Integrated Access Devices



Organizations can be more responsive to the marketplace and have a more open environment for innovation and transformation by having an agile infrastructure that is enabled by cloud computing and new outsourcing models. CODESTEL helps businesses take control of IT costs, enhance system security, improve their ability to support their business and operating strategy, and self-fund longer-term, IT-enabled improvements that drive additional value and high performance. However, tackling the challenge of transforming the workplace is daunting: Managing the system and software upgrades can be time-consuming, expensive and disruptive, while making sense of a vast vendor landscape can be confusing. CODESTEL is uniquely positioned to help organizations maximize the value of their computing technologies and services and, at the same time, establish an environment that unleashes new levels of workforce efficiency, agility and productivity.

  • Data Center Services:

Organizations worldwide are stretching the capabilities of their data centers not only to take advantage of new technologies, sourcing and variable cost models, but to obtain an end-to-end view of their entire infrastructure. With trusted frameworks and methodologies, deep skills and unparalleled global delivery capabilities, CODESTEL provides data center solutions and services that help organizations optimize the delivery of IT.

  • Security Services:

As security threats become more sophisticated, IT organizations must move from pure compliance to proactive defense and value-creation. CODESTEL Security Solutions professionals leverage years of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to help protect against threats, minimize risks and enable the adoption of new technologies that promote growth.

  • Technology Services for Human Capital Management:

Unleashing the power and potential of your global talent base goes beyond just hiring the right people for the right job. Our services help global HR organizations increase operating efficiency and improve workforce performance by improving processes, speeding implementation and increasing ROI on HR and talent management.

Our KEY IT OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS include the following:
• Service Desk
• Workplace Services
• Data Center Services
• Network Services
• Security Services
• IT Spend Management
• Medical Billing & Transcription
• HR Outsourcing
• Content Development (Website, Marketing, E-Learning & Multimedia)

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